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Completed Research

Thank you to the staff at St John’s and Easton Royal Academy who launched Excalibur TSA’s R&D programme in 2016/17, supported by the Teaching School bursary.

Ben Cobbold St John’s To what extent is a whole class feedback sheet more efficient when compared to individual written feedback to a year 10 student based on an electricity assessment? Project 1
Dan Barrington and Lilly Gibson St John’s To what extent is high structure testing in teaching science more effective than business as usual teaching? Project 2
Lucy Taylor St John’s Does the use of spaced learning techniques improve the GCSE results of Year 11 students? Project 3
Sue Drake St John’s Is a form of coded marking in Year 7 French a more effective and efficient way of providing feedback than traditional marking in which the teacher marks and writes individual comments on students work? Project 4