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Completed Research

Thank you to the staff at St John’s and Easton Royal Academy who launched Excalibur TSA’s R&D programme in 2016/17, supported by the Teaching School bursary.

Ben Cobbold St John’s To what extent is a whole class feedback sheet more efficient when compared to individual written feedback to a year 10 student based on an electricity assessment? Project 1
Dan Barrington and Lilly Gibson St John’s To what extent is high structure testing in teaching science more effective than business as usual teaching? Project 2
Lucy Taylor St John’s Does the use of spaced learning techniques improve the GCSE results of Year 11 students? Project 3
Sue Drake St John’s Is a form of coded marking in Year 7 French a more effective and efficient way of providing feedback than traditional marking in which the teacher marks and writes individual comments on students work? Project 4

With effect from 1st September 2021, Excalibur Teaching School Alliance ceases to exist in its current format. We will continue to offer CPD and ITT and we are working with the Swindon and Wiltshire Teaching School Hub as a Lead Partner to support the delivery of the Early Careers Framework (Secondary) and the delivery of the new suite of National Professional Qualifications. You can contact us by email at