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Janet Rose: Emotional Coaching @ Fairfield High School
May 1 @ 9:30 am – 12:30 pm

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Dr Janet Rose is currently Principal of Norland College. Until recently, she was a Reader in Education, Principal Lecturer and Programme Leader in Education at Bath Spa University. A former teacher, Janet has also worked in a range of schools and settings both in England and abroad. She has worked with the National College of Teaching and Learning on several occasions and has presented her research at the House of Lords and the House of Commons.

In addition Janet has also worked with numerous Teaching Schools and Virtual Schools around the country. Janet is co-founder of Emotion Coaching UK, an evidence based organisation which delivers training in Emotion Coaching to schools around the country and internationally. Emotion Coaching was incorporated into a national research project called Attachment Aware Schools.

Session Outline:

This is a comprehensive programme of support for children affected by early attachment difficulties and trauma, it includes evidence-based strategies for supporting children’s behaviour and well-being based on recent neuro-scientific research.

This workshop will introduce the strategy of Emotion Coaching as an evidence-based, practical communication tool which can be used by all practitioners in schools to foster emotional literacy in children and young people, and to support behavioural self-regulation and mental health.

This session will review the neuroscience behind Emotion Coaching, highlighting important neurobiological and neurophysiological research which is enriching our understanding of emotional literacy and communication. It will relate these insights to common behavioural challenges that might be encountered by staff in different contexts. It will consider some of the practicalities and challenges of implementing Emotion Coaching into everyday practice. It will include some practical exercises and provide some illustrations of applying Emotion Coaching in practice for all age groups primary and secondary.

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Bill Lucas | Creative Thinking: What it is, why it matters and how to teach it @ Fairfield High School
May 3 @ 9:30 am – 3:30 pm

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Bill Lucas is Director of the Centre for Real-World Learning and Professor of Learning at the University of Winchester.

In addition to his work at the University of Winchester, Bill is an international adviser to the Mitchell Foundation in Melbourne. He is also an academic adviser on creativity to Arts Council England, the chair of Eton’s research and innovation centre, a patron of the Pegasus Theatre in Oxford and a member of the LEGO Foundation’s advisory board.

In 2017 Bill was appointed to be the co-chair of the new Programme For International Student Assessment (PISA) 2021 test of Creative thinking which will be based on his acclaimed five-dimensional model for creativity. He is also academic adviser to Arts Council England on the Durham Commission into Creativity in Education.

Bill is an authority on creativity, pedagogy, parental engagement, lifelong learning and educational leadership. A highly engaging and authoritative speaker, he travels extensively to present key notes, most recently in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Philadelphia, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Qatar, Auckland and Dubai.

Creative Thinking – what it is, why it matters and how to teach it

In 2021 PISA will test Creative Thinking for the first time. Increasingly countries across the world are making it a mandatory part of their national curricula. In England the Durham Commission is exploring the topic.

Author of the best-selling book, Teaching Creative Thinking: Developing learners who generate ideas and can think for themselves and co-chair of the new PISA test of Creative Thinking, Professor Bill Lucas will lead an interactive morning combining theory with practice and leaving participants with many practical strategies for embedding creativity in their own teaching.

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John West-Burnham | Leadership during times of change @ Fairfield High School
May 14 @ 9:30 am – 3:30 pm

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John West-Burnham is an independent writer, teacher and consultant in education leadership. He has a particular interest in leadership learning and development and innovative approaches to learning in schools and communities. He has been a school teacher, teacher trainer, education officer and has held posts in six universities. John is the author and editor of 30 different books, he has also worked in 27 countries.

The workshop will focus on the following issues:

* What are the key strategic issues facing schools in general and your school in particular?

* To what extent does the leadership and governance of the school share a strategic perspective?

* How much time is devoted to reviewing vision and values?

* What are the key challenges facing your school in terms of government policy? * What levels of change are required?

* What is the capacity of the school in terms of leading change and innovation?

* How confident are school leaders in their ability to lead change?

The workshop will take the form of a series of presentations, opportunities for review and reflection, shared dialogue and activities relating principle and practice.

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Tom Sherrington: Evidence informed teaching @ Fairfield High School
May 22 @ 10:00 am – 3:30 pm

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Tom Sherrington is an education consultant and author.  He writes the popular blog teacherhead.com and in 2017 he published his book The Learning Rainforest, Great Teaching in Real Classrooms. With 30 years’ experience as a physics and maths teacher and school leader, including 11 years as a Headteacher. He works with several schools and colleges providing consultancy support on curriculum, assessment and improving the quality of teaching. He is a regular keynote speaker and contributor to conferences and education festivals.

Session Outline:

Evidence Informed Teaching

The purpose of the session is to explore how ideas from education research translate into practice in the classroom. The session will explore the key evidence-informed ideas that teachers should know about including:

  • Mindsets and expectations
  • Memory and metacognition
  • Principles of Instruction

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