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CPD: Continuous Professional Development

Excalibur Teaching School Alliance offers a range of high quality continuous professional development opportunities for teachers, teaching assistants and support staff, delivered by outstanding teachers, specialist leaders and consultants.

CPD enables our colleagues to develop knowledge, understanding and competences. It is focused on pupil learning and classroom practice with the aim of providing the best outcomes for children and young people.

We believe that the best professional development is collaborative and sustained over a period of time, with a rigorous evaluation of the impact of our work.

Use the “CPD & Leadership” drop-down box to check out the Events calendars for our scheduled sessions.

If you’d like us to keep you informed about our CPD programme, or if you would like to discuss your professional learning needs, please fill out the “Contact Us” form at the bottom of the page or email us at CPDTSA@stjohns.excalibur.org.uk

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Professional Qualifications:

If you are looking to develop and accredit your leadership capability, implement sustainable school improvement and help to raise the attainment of your students, find out more about the Excalibur TSA courses we run on our Events calendars.