Introduction to Mental Health Awareness in Schools: Clare Laker

8th May 2019 @ 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm
St John's Marlborough
Marlborough SN8 4AX
£25 (£20 Alliance Schools)

The Charlie Waller Memorial Trust is a registered charity that provides mental health training talks, and resources to young people and those who work with or care for them.

The session will cover two overlapping areas of school practice: –

  • Promoting positive social and emotional well-being for all in schools
  • Tackling the mental health problems of pupils

It forms the basis for further examination of specific topics such as Resilience, Bullying, Anxiety, Self-harm, Depression, Eating disorders and Supportive listening.


  • Identifying common mental health problems experienced by children and adolescents
  •  examining the possible causes
  • the use of a checklist to review what might be included in whole school approach to promoting mental wellbeing. This will cover policy, curriculum, support and sign posting, pupil voice, working with parents and staff wellbeing.

Who is this for?

All staff in Primary and Secondary schools.

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